Jan 15, 2010

Period Drama Challenge 2009/2010!

First of all, this will be an annual challenge starting the 01/07/2009 and ending the 01/07/2010. No need to rush, this is to be enjoyed and, if someone wishes, discussed.
After careful deliberation, we’ve decided to set several levels of difficulty. Each person will select their levels according to the number of movies they want to see during the following year.
1. Just looking (2 movies)
2. Becoming interested (4 movies)
3. Faithful viewer (6 movies)
4. Clearly addicted (8 movies)
5. Undoubtedly obsessed (12 movies)

To make things more interesting, you can choose any of these themes for your challenge. Let us give you an example. Let’s say that Miss X chooses level 5 (12 movies) and decides to go for Kings & Queens and Wars & Revolutions. She simply has to divide those 12 movies between these two themes.
Challenge themes:
- Kings & Queens (central plot around royalty)
- Through the Centuries (1 movie per century)
- Wars & Revolutions (plot set during a war or revolution)
- Bonnets & Hessians (set during the Regency)
- Victorian Mist (set during the Victorian era)
- Maids & Knights (set during the Middle Ages)
- All Over the World (1 movie per country)

To participate, join this challenge here!

After watching each movie, you can do a review or just a quick little post in your blog/website so that we know how you are doing. You can send us the link through the contact form above. Be sure to add to the title “Movie Challenge”, please.
 If you have any questions, you just need to ask and we’ll answer them as quickly as possible.

Here is the list of the challenge participants and their movies/series choices: Period Drama Challenge Participants.
Have fun!

I'm really late for this challenge, but I started blogging just last month and I found this challenge and I couldn't resist it! I love period dramas and only this summer and autumn  I've already watched enough to complete this challenge, but I won't count them, 'cause I'm sure I'll watch enough till July to complete this challenge!

I'll go with the Undoubtedly Obsessed level & 12 movies or mini series!
I'm choosing 2 themes: Victorian Mist & All Over the World

All Over the World:
1. Pride & Prejudice (1940)
2. Zona Zamfirova (2002)
3. The Three Musketeers (1993)
4. Going Postal (2010)

Victorian Mist:
1. Dorian Gray (2009)
2. North & South (2004) 
3. The Return of the Native (1994)
4. The Importance of Being Earnest (2002)
5. Alice in Wonderland (2010)
6. Little Dorrit (2008)
7. Firelight (1997)
8. Gone with the Wind (1939)


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