Aug 28, 2014

"Shipwrecked with the Billionaire Rock Star" by Victoria Wessex

Title: Shipwrecked with the Billionaire Rock Star

Author: Victoria Wessex

Publisher: Fido Publishing

Publication date: July 17th, 2014

My rating: 2 of 5

(Book read from August 16th to August 28th, 2014,  from a review copy received from the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange of an honest review.) 


Adam Sykes, bad boy singer with the rock band Iron Hammer, loves to party. When his latest escapade ends in arrest, he’s packed off by his manager to a private yacht to lay low.
Fiery ship’s chef Hannah is proud of her curvy body…and she has a tongue as sharp as her knives. She has no time for arrogant rock stars, even when they’re billionaires. So when Adam makes a pass at her, she rejects him. Now he’s fascinated.

When the yacht is caught in a storm, the pair are stranded on a desert island and must rely on each other to survive. As the days pass, the friction between them threatens to ignite into lust…but Hannah’s been hurt before. Can she learn to trust a man with Adam’s reputation? Can he prove he’s changed?

As they battle to control their feelings, new dangers emerge. Even if they can escape the island, their problems may be just beginning….


My Thoughts on the Book:

First of all, I have to mention that I have a thing for books featuring chefs or just cooking of any kind. So, the moment I saw this on NetGalley, thought it had potential & I wanted to read it. I thought it will be fun summer read, but unfortunately, this book didn't work for me.

It was actually quite subjective. First of all, I really disliked the main character Hannah, as for Adam, I couldn't care enough. I think it should've been from dual PoV, then the story would've been better, and I might have liked Adam. Now, I was just indifferent when it came to him. The characters weren't at all developed, I usually want a little bit more...

I also had trouble with the writing style, some choices of words & phrases at time I found quite ridiculous, that a few times I was thinking about giving up on this story. I don't know, it just rubbed me the wrong way. I'm not saying it was all bad, just not quite the read for me.

That being said, I quite liked the ending. It was better then the previous parts of the book. And, despite knowing quite early what happened, so I wasn't surprised, I loved the way everything resolved, and I might have started to care just a tiny bit about both Adam & Hannah near the end, and wanted them to make it. So, in the end, I'm glad that I didn't give up on this book & read it until the end.

Shipwrecked with the Billionaire Rock Star might not have been the read for me, but if you enjoy hot summer romances set on an island (the island was quite beautiful), I say you should give this one a try. It might just be the read for you.




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