Oct 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Best Series Endings!

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So, My Top Ten Top Ten Best Series Endings are:

 #1 - The Crimson Crown by Cinda Williams Chima

The Seven Realms finale is one of the best ever! I can't even express how amazing & epic & awesome it was, and so, so perfect! If you haven't read this series, you must!

#2 - Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling

 I don't think any explanation is necessary, you know why, it was an amazing ending to an amazing series, and it only made me love the series even more!

#3 - Eona by Alison Goodman 

I loved Eon, but this sequel & conclusion to this duo is what made me absolutely crazy about these books. I'm like that, I can love a first book in a series, but the 2nd book in that series can made me thoroughly fall in love with the series as a whole, and the final book is what makes me decide if the series will be one of my alltime favs, and if I'll want to read the series again & again, and Eona delivered in both, and it was absolutely amazing!

#4 - Timeless by Gail Carriger

I was a Parasol Protectorate fan from the beginning, but before I read this last book, my most fav in the series was still the first one Soulless, and through the series although I might not have loved all the books as much as that one, my love for all the characters was what kept me going, and they were just so much entertaining, I can't even say how many times I've laughed out loud while reading the books, so yeah, I've been reluctant about reading Timeless, but it totally delivered. I loved it, and it made me laugh & cry, and it was the perfect conclusion to this entertaining series, and I wouldn't change one tiny bit about it, and yeah, now this one is my most fav book in the series.

#5 - A Witch Alone by Ruth Warburton

The first book in the Winter Trilogy was great, the 2nd one was really good, but the final book A Witch Alone was the best, and it delivered quite an amazing & heartbreaking, but perfect conclusion to the trilogy, and it made ma fall in love with it even more! Now I'm dying to read the first book in the prequel spin-off series next year, I know it will be awesome!

#6 - I Don't Want to Kill You by Dan Wells

I Don't Want to Kill You is the perfect finale to one of the best trilogies with one of the most memorable characters ever - John Cleaver. You don't want to miss this. 

#7 - Monster War by Dean Lorey

I absolutely adore the Nightmare Academy trilogy, all the books are amazing, and the finale didn't disappoint at all, it was perfect, that's why I'll never get enough of re-reading them.

#8 - Everfound by Neal Shusterman
All the books in this amazing & unique & imaginative & brilliant trilogy are amazing, and I absolutely loved the final book, another perfect ending to a series!

#9 - Always A Witch by Carolyn MacCullough
The first book in this duo was great, but its sequel & conclusion Always A Witch was absolutely brilliant & perfect, and it made me put this duology on my alltime most favs list!
#10 - The Blood by D. J. MacHale
When I first read the first book in the Morpheus Road trilogy a few years ago, I never would've guessed where this story would take me, but its finale was surprising, amazing & absolutely perfect, and I know I'll never get enough of reading this trilogy again & again! 
What about you? 

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  1. I totally agree about HP, but I need to read Eon and then Eona soon. It's one of these books that I know I'll love but somehow haven't read it yet. Great list Alex :)

  2. The Crimson Crown really was the BEST series ender ever. I adored the entire Seven Realms series, but TCC just put the icing on the cake.

    TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

    1. Exactly, all the Seven Realms books were amazing, but The Crimson Crown was something else :D

  3. Interesting list this week. I have only finished Harry Potter, so I'll have to check out some of these other great series.

  4. I have only read Harry Potter from your list and I agree that is a great ending.

    Here is My Top 10 Tuesday

  5. Nice! Lots of Harry love going around today! Love that cover for HP 7 too! Hadn't seen that one!

    Timeless! Forgot about that one myself! Loved it!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  6. We have a few books in common on our lists this week and you also have a few that I haven't heard of...but I am definitely curious about looking deeper into them. Especially the DJ MacHale books...I was able to be at a breakfast where he was a speaker and he was hilarious and I always like when an author makes a good impression. :-)

    My TTT is here.

  7. You should try his books, I love his writing style. I still need to finish his Pendragon series, but I absolutely love his Morpheus Road trilogy.

    Thanks for stopping by!