Jun 13, 2013

"The Storm" by Alexander Gordon Smith

Title: The Storm

Author: Alexander Gordon Smith

Series: The Fury, #2

My rating: 5 of 5

(Book read from June 1st to June 12th, 2013.) 


It started with the Fury.

It will end with the Storm.

Cal, Daisy and Brick now know the terrifying secret of the Fury, but the truth has made the world more dangerous than ever. In one direction the human race is still trying to murder them – every single person they meet becomes a bloodthirsty savage. In the other rages a monumental storm, born from a living corpse, a seething mass of darkness that threatens to devour everything.

Cal and the others must venture into the heart of the storm. But in unleashing their new powers they learn that they too pose a terrible threat, and that it is their own fury that could burn a hole in the world.

The concluding book in Alexander Gordon Smith’s cult epic The Fury series, The Storm continues the rollercoaster ride of horror and thrills.

My Thoughts on the book:  

Ok, so at the beginning of this year, I read The Fury. I absolutely loved it, but when I checked when the sequel The Storm will be out, there was no info, and although I saw that The Fury will be re-released with this awesome creeptastic cover, I didn't notice that it will contain both The Fury & The Storm, so it will be one book called The Fury. Apparently the publishers changed there mind, (you can read more about this HERE), and yeah, sure, this can totally work as one book, but when I found out about it a while ago, I was bummed, because I won't have a matching paperback to my copy of The Fury :( But, at least they published the Kindle ebook of The Storm, so I could get it & read it right away (yay)! This is one of those times when I'm thankful that there's Kindle for PC program, because I don't own Kindle :) But, now for the review!

Ok, so The Storm continues where The Fury ended. To be honest, I can't really go into details about the story, because that will be full of spoilers for both The Storm & especially The Fury, so I guess I'll have to talk about the things I liked in kind of a vague way ;) 

Although most of the PoVs changed between Daisy, Cal, Brick & Rilke, just as in the previous book, there were additional PoVs that added to the story with its freakiness. We even get a PoV with someone overcomed with the Fury. I definitely didn't expect that, and it was awesome, and terrifying, and heartbreaking, and I totally loved it! 

I couldn't help but root for all the characters, even the crazy one :( My heart is breaking just thinking about that one, and the reasons for her/his craziness :( All of them aren't perfect, they're full of flaws, and not everyone stays alive. So, yeah, this book was really heartbreaking, I totally cried. But, most of all, it was suspenseful like no other book (except The Fury), and thrilling & entertaining & terrifying & horrifying & absolutely amazing & imaginative, and quite the rollercoaster ride, and I totally loved every second of it, and I can't recommend it enough!

As for the writing style, Alexander Gordon Smith is probably one of the best when it comes to suspense, thriller, horror, and anything similar! I can see why his Escape the Furnace series is so much praised, and I can't wait to start it! It was so suspenseful, that even though I was dying to see what will happen next, I need it a break, because it was too much. But, that wasn't a bad thing, it was awesome, because that makes it unforgettable, so I know I'll remember the details for a long, long time! So, yeah, I loved Alexander Gordon Smith's writing style, and I'm already a fan (although to be honest, he got me at The Fury).

What more can I say, that won't have any spoilers, too? The ending! It was amazing & epic & perfect & surprising (the way it was executed) & I absolutely loved it!

I can't recommend The Fury enough! It's absolutely amazing & brilliant, with great characters & amazing world-building, amazingly suspenseful writing style & unique story, and full of suspense & horror, and lots of thrills & chills from the beginning until the end! 

So, The Fury is a must-read to every fan of supernatural books, and both books joined my list of all time favs, and I know I'll love reading them again & again! Also, they will probably make my list of best of 2013 books! I know it's early, but sometimes you just know :)



  1. Hey! I remember seeing you at the WWReadathon Twitter Party! I'm glad you liked this book and I will definitely check it out. I'm following your blog and I was wondering if you could do this tag that I created called Blogging Things I Suck At. You can find out all the details and more at the post on my blog here. I really hope you can do it.
    Laura @ Music Plus Books

  2. Oh WOW, what an amazing review, thanks so much!!! :-D I am really thrilled that you enjoyed it so much, and sorry that there isn't a paperback version to go with your copy of The Fury! Thanks again! Gordon (Alexander Gordon Smith)

  3. I can't find the second book anywhere or to buy it is there any way we can have answer questions since eight finish the first one. There so much questions and no answer anywhere