Aug 6, 2012

"Call Me Wild" by Robin Kaye (ARC)

Title: Call Me Wild

Author: Robin Kaye

Series: Domestic Gods #6

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Imprint: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Publication date: August 7th, 2012

ISBN: 9781402257339

Pages: 384

(Book read from July 2nd to July 3rd, 2012, from an e-copy acquired through NetGalley from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.) 

My rating: 5 of 5 


She doesn't know a single thing about relationships...

Unemployed sportswriter Jessie James plans to make a killing writing a bestselling romance novel. She's never read one, but really, how hard can it be? Moving cross-country to a borrowed house in Idaho, Jessie starts her research with the first gorgeous guy she runs into...

Luckily, he knows everything... 

Sports doctor Fisher Kincaid notices Jessie right away - the transplanted Easterner sticks out like a sore thumb in the small town. When he discovers she's researching attraction and romance, he graciously offers himself as a test subject. That's when everything starts to go wrong, and they both find out how much they need a few good lessons in love...


My Thoughts on the Book:

If you didn't know, I'm a big fan of Robin Kaye's books & this series. And once more she has written another great book that I fell in love with. With every new book in the series, I'm thinking "This is my most favourite!", and once again that happened.
I love the Kincaid family - they're all great characters, really fun & charming, and yeah - hilarious, you gotta love them all. And this book was just so funny, I laughed out loud again & again, yeah I'm laughing right now thinking about some of the scenes - hilarious. The biggest surprise was Karma - Fisher's sister, now I can't wait for her book :) I wonder if she'll end up with Andrew? Call Me Wild was not only fun, but also really sweet & romantic & charming, and I loved it so much.   
The story goes like this: Jessie loses her job, so she decides to write a romance novel, she thinks that will be really easy to do, so she can make some quick cash, and she moves temporarily to Idaho to do that. There she meets Fisher - first while jogging, then at Starbucks, at the store, etc, they keep meeting again & again and she thinks that he's stalking her. That's not actually true, because both Fisher & Jessie are people that stick to their routines, and they seem to do the same things at the same time - perfect for each other, right? ;) Anyway, not to go into more details, but it's really fun story, with lots of funny situations and misunderstandings & a big part in the story plays Karma. The way she played her brothers - so funny & I loved it :)
Fisher is amazing character, a doctor, and yeah he's hot, but he's also so sweet. I really liked Jessie, too. She doesn't believe in love or romance, she thinks it doesn't exist, so Fisher decides to prove her wrong. She cracked me up - some of the assumptions she made about Fisher - hilarious. And the book she wrote - wow. That part wasn't a surprise, I was expecting it, but I loved it. And the chemistry between them was sizzling & I loved their banter.     
Of course there are some really hot & sizzling scenes between Jessie & Fisher, after all it's an adult contemporary romance novel, but the biggest reason I love Robin Kaye's books are the relationships between family & friends. The way she makes you connect to the characters & love them & care for them - that's the best part, that's why Robin Kaye is one of my 2 most favourite adult contemporary romance authors (if you'd like to know, the other one is Julie James). 
Anyway, I highly recommend this novel to every romance fan. Definitely one of my favs & a book I'll read again & again. Also, I have to mention that I'm not a fan of the cover, but thankfully it was changed to a different one & better one later, but since this was the cover on the galley, of course I'm using this one ;) So, if you still haven't tried Robin Kaye's Domestic Gods series, I highly recommend them! 


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  1. These characters sound great, and I feel rather ashamed to have not read anything from this particular author. It's nice that Jessie doesn't believe in all the romance stuff, because that quality pretty much erases the potential of insta-love. Anyway, love the sound of the fantastic character relationships! Great review!