Feb 1, 2015

#ReRead2015 & #flightsoffantasy January Update!

Every year, I sign up for reading challenges (I love them). And every year, from the ones I've signed up for, there are a few that get more attention from me a.k.a I read like crazy for them. This year, it seems that those challenges will be The Re-Read Challenge & the Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge.

So far this year, I read only fantasy, despite my 2 reading slumps this month. When I read, I read. ;) And I read a mix of re-reads & first-reads, most of which were eARCs of upcoming books.

For this challenge (and obviously, for the Flights of Fantasy, too), I re-read the first 3 Harry Potter books.

Once again, I absolutely & totally loved delving into this world. What I especially love about the series is that every time I read them, a new character becomes my most favorite & a new book becomes my most favorite. I mean, I love all the characters, and I love all the books, but it changes with every book. At the moment, my most favorite book is Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, and my least favorite is Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban. It's curious, because even though the 3rd one was never my most favorite, when I first read the series, I actually loved it more than the first 2 books, and the 2nd one was my least favorite. Since then, with every re-read, this changed. And the last time I re-read the series, I didn't have a least fav book. I guess that changed... again ;) Also, I must point out, that the last time I re-read the series, my most favorite character became Harry Potter, and now, he still is, and I don't think that will change (for the first time). Another thing I must mention is that the first chapter of Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone is one of my most favorite chapters in the whole series, and it gets to me every time, and of course that happened again. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to re-reading the rest of the series, and the re-read of these  books actually ended my first reading slump this year, which actually started before 2014 ended. So, yes, the Harry Potter series will never stop being amazing, and I'll never get enough of it!

I also started re-reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. This is the first time I'm re-reading it, but just like the first time I read it, I don't want it to end, like ever, so I want to read it slowly & cherish every word, and experience the magic & the characters, so yes, I read only a 4th of the book, up until the opening night & stopped. It might be weird, and it's something I almost never do, but I'll return to it (hopefully soon) & I actually can't wait, but at the same time, I don't want to, because I know once I continue, I won't be able to stop, and I don't want it to be over! So, yes, I'm postponing it...

For the Flights of Fantasy Challenge, I obviously count the Harry Potter 1-3, but I also read 2 more MG fantasy upcoming books:

Rose and the Silver Ghost is the lovely finale to the magical Rose series, and Flunked is the first book in the interesting & fun spin on the well-known fairy tale characters - Fairy Tale Reform School series. Great book, and unique spin on the classic fairy tales. Both reviews will be published in February & March.

That being said, I actually started 3 more fantasy novels that I hadn't finished yet. The first is obviously the re-read of The Night Circus, but I also started:

The Skull Throne is the upcoming 4th book in one of my most favorite adult fantasy series - The Demon Cycle. I read around 40% so far (and this is the book that helped me get out of my 2nd reading slump), and once again Peter V. Brett has done an amazing job, and I know I'll finish it soon. I only started George MacDonald's The Princess and the Goblin yesterday. It was a spur of the moment thing. I've always wanted to read it, but never got around to it, and I was on our tablet, so downloaded the free version of this classic, and started reading it, and if I wasn't stopped by the low battery, I probably would've finished it, but I know I'll get back to it soon. It's a fun children's fantasy, and I love Curdie as a character, and I'm looking forward to finishing it.

So, obviously, it was a fantasy month for me. Even the one novella I read this month was also a fantasy. It's actually part of Peter V. Brett's Demon Cycle series, too.

I don't see my fantasy kick finishing soon, so I'll continue with fantasy. Then again, I am a moody reader, so it all depends on that.

 Happy Reading Everyone!!!!!


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