Jan 21, 2014

The Lunar Chronicles: The Re-Read!

Last year, Tt @ Never Ending Stories... hosted the Cinder Read-Along, and I participated, and got hooked on the series, and this year when she announced she'll be hosting the Scarlet Read-Along, I knew I had to join, despite already having read Scarlet in 2013.

Actually, I decided to re-read both Cinder & Scarlet, as well as their prequel stories Glitches & The Queen's Army, and once again I loved re-visiting the world & the characters.
I'm really glad that I re-read Cinder, because apparently some details that were mentioned in it, I've missed the first time (or probably just forgot about them, not realising they'll be important in the future books). Anyway, that was so awesome, and I think it's obvious that Marissa Meyer had thought through the series and what will happen in all the books before starting the series, and I just love when authors do that. I love all of those crumbs in the different books in a series that will lead to the finale, even if they are minor ones.

That being said, I loved Cinder the first time, although I thought it was a little bit too sweet, and I loved it once again, although now I've changed my mind & I don't think it's too sweet.

And the characters, I love them so much: Cinder, Iko, Peony, Kaito, even Dr.Erland, as for Queen Levana - I hate her so much, and I loved hating her ;)

Glitches is actually a prequel story to Cinder, where we follow Cinder's first encounter with her family & Iko, as well as the following few weeks of her trying to adapt to her new life. This story was sweet & fun, but also so, so sad, and if you loved Cinder & you can't get enough of The Lunar Chronicles, read it. It's available for free online on Wattpad HERE.

The Queen's Army is a prequel story to Scarlet, but it's not about Scarlet, it's about our 2nd main character in the book - Wolf. This story is amazing & so, so sad & heartbreaking. You don't have to have read Cinder or Scarlet to read this story, it can actually stand as stand-alone, but I think at the end you will get hooked & want to know more. This story together with Scarlet last year got me totally hooked on the series, and it made me understand & love Wolf even more. The Queen's Army is also available to be read for free on Wattpad HERE.

And now for Scarlet, the actual goal of the read-along. I decided to stick to the reading schedule & read 2 chapters a day, and I managed to do that, although it wasn't easy, until I caved on January 17th & finished it. To read only a chapter a day - no way!

Once again I loved every second of Scarlet. I love the way the author incorporated Scarlet & Cinder's stories, and the twist on the fairytale in Scarlet was even better then the Cinder one.
In Scarlet, we got more action, more suspense, more evil, and more amazing characters. I love Scarlet as a character, and Wolf is actually an unexpected sweety, too, and I loved their interactions, they're great together. Another amazing addition is Captain Thorne. This guy is something else - he's sweet, yummy, funny, sometimes silly, sometimes smart, but loyal, and I want to hug him & never let him go. Seriously, the moment the description for Cress was revealed, I totally started fangirling over Thorne & Cress (and I never do that), so that's how excited I am about the series & its characters.

What I love about The Lunar Chronicles?

First of all, the world-building. I think that if the world-building wasn't as great as it is, the series wouldn't have been that awesome. I love the futuristic world the author has created, and on top of that, the way she has implemented classic fairytale elements in it, it's amazing. I never would've thought this would work, (especially about the cyborg Cinderella), but it totally does. 
Adding to the great world-building a great & interesting story, that implements the futuristic world perfectly, and you've got yourself a winner! Even though the overall storyline (both in Cinder & Scarlet) is predictable, the execution of it isn't, and it's highly entertaining, and funny, and sad, and addicting, and you almost won't be able to stop yourself from flying through the pages.
And of course the last thing I absolutely love about The Lunar Chronicles are the characters. Cinder, Kai, Iko, Thorne, Scarlet & Wolf - all of them has found a special place in my heart, and I can't wait to read more in Cress, The Little Android (I think this one might be about Iko, maybe, just a speculation) and of course Winter (I'll have to wait a lot more about this one, since it comes out next year, but it's the final one, so yeah, I can't wait!).
I highly recommend the series to everyone to try, because I think everyone would enjoy these books!


  1. Oh my I think I need to read this series already. I know I'm an idiot, but I'm so scared of reading it because everyone love it and I'm afraid of failing to see all the beauty it hides. But I'll get to it. I'm so glad you enjoyed these story this time around too :)

    1. I know what you mean, but just do what I do when starting popular book/series, don't have any expectations, so you won't get disappointed, and you will probably get wrapped up in the story for yourself :)

      I do hope you'll enjoy them when you read them!

  2. Note to myself: "Don't forget to include the book covers & the add-to-Goodreads button next time", something I planned to include in this post, and that I just noticed I didn't, and I'm too lazy right now to edit the post ;)

  3. I love reading about how much people love this series! I need to get to it. Maybe I will wait until Cress comes out and have a marathon reading session.

  4. The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite ya series too, for all the reasons you listed. I loved Scarlet even more than Cinder and can't wait for Cress!

    1. Me, too, and from reviews I've read, it seems that Cress is even better than Scarlet, so I really can't wait :)