May 28, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Trilogies I've Read!

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So, My Top Ten Favorite Trilogies I've Read (in no particular order) are:

#1 - Nightmare Academy by Dean Lorey

Nightmare Academy is a MG fantasy, and it's one of my fav series ever! I can read these again & again. They're really entertaining, imaginative, fast-paced, with lots of great characters (both heroes & villains), great storyline, lots of action, laugh-out loud situations & dialogue, and I can't recommend it enough. All of the books in the series got a 5 of 5 rating from me. I just wish Dean Lorey decides to return to this world & write some more, but until then & if that happens, there's always re-reading!

#2 - Morpheus Road by D. J. MacHale

The Morpheus Road trilogy is another one of my alltime favs. I can't get enough of these characters & the story. I've already read the 1st book The Light 3 times, and the 2nd one twice, and after reading the last one, I'm already looking forward to sitting down & reading the whole trilogy again. I just love the characters & the story & the world the author has created, really imaginative & adventurous, and I love his writing style, too, and the ending was just as amazing & perfect for the trilogy, so the Morpheus Road it's one amazing YA fantasy trilogy that I highly recommend, too. Also, another one that I've given a 5 of 5 rating to all the books.

#3 - Skinjacker by Neal Shusterman

The Skinjacker trilogy is another one of my alltime fav trilogies. If you've tried Neal Shusterman's books, then you can imagine why that's the case. His writing style is absolutely amazing, and his imagination is something else, and the world of Everlost he has created was mindblowing & unique, and so imaginative. Add to that a cast of amazing characters, great storyline, humor & heartbreak, and I'm sold. Also, all of these were 5 of 5 for me, too. And I know I'll love re-reading these again & again, although I still haven't gotten around to them. So, I highly recommend the Skinjacker trilogy!

#4 - John Cleaver by Dan Wells

I only read this trilogy (finally) a while ago, and I'm totally in love with it. It's not your usual YA trilogy, so even if you're not a fan of YA, but you love a good thriller, then you should check these out. The John Cleaver trilogy is a serial killer thriller trilogy, but with a twist, and I loved these books (5 of 5 rating to all of them, too). John Cleaver is one of my fav characters now, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading these again, as well as reading more from Dan Wells.

#5 - Castle/Howl's Castle/Wizard's Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

I absolutely loved all of these books. Some of the best fantasy books ever, and I will probably never get enough of them. I absolutely love Howl, Sophie & Calcifer as characters, as well as all the other characters, and I'd take every glimpse of them that I can. Too bad there are only three books. The world is imaginative & magical, the writing style amazing & magical as well, and they will make you smile & laugh out loud, and take you on an adventure, that you'll wish it will never end, yet you'll be eager to see how it will end, so you won't be able to stop yourself reading until the end :) So, another one of my alltime favs, that I've rated 5 of 5, and if you love fairytale-like fantasy, then I highly recommend you to try these!

#6 - Curse Workers by Holly Black

Yeah, I know, I still can't get over the cover change of the series, because these were so perfect for the books. If you've read them, you know it. Seriously, why mess with a good thing? Anyway, I love the world the author has created, as well as the characters of Cassle (he's one of my all time fav characters) & Lila, too, and I adore the trilogy. My most fav book in the series will always be White Cat, but the sequels Red Glove & Black Heart were great, too, and I was happy with the way the trilogy ended. So, if you'd like to try something different when it comes to YA, and you enjoy UF & con men, then I highly recommend the Curse Workers trilogy!

#7 - Winter Trilogy by Ruth Warburton

The Winter Trilogy is a YA fantasy romance, and it's also one of my favs. A Witch in Winter was great, the sequel A Witch in Love was really good, and the last book A Witch Alone was amazing, and really heartbreaking, and I loved the way it ended, and it made me love the series even more. I usually don't want when the books are filled with romance (unless when they're contemporary or historicals) or with heartbreak, but this is one of the rare cases where I didn't mind that, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading anything else Ruth Warburton writes. 

#8 - Tales of Terror by Chris Priestley

Yeah, ok, so someone might say that this isn't a trilogy, there are a couple of more Tales of Terror books, but they're actually novellas (if you can say that a short story collection can be a novella ^_^), so I don't really count them as full-length books, because they're shorter and they're just not as great. All of these 3 books feature 12 stories that are connected between themselves, and also the books are connected between themselves, and I love that fact. I think that I will never get enough of reading them because of that. To be honest, The Teacher's Tales of Terror are connected a bit like that to these, too, but the Christmas Tales of Terror are definitely stand alone. What I love about these stories is that although they're written for children, they're really horrific & eerie & creepy, yet with unique storylines, and I adore them all. And Chris Priestley's writing style definitely adds to the eerieness. So, yeah, definitely some of my favs. Not to mention these covers that are absolutely perfect for them, and I absolutely adore, too. They're just so pretty IRL, yet dark, and have lots of details from the stories inside :)

#9 - Darkest Powers by Kelley Armstrong  

What I love the most about this trilogy are the characters. I think I would never get enough of Derek, Chloe & the "gang" :) And the stories themselves were quite interesting & I got hooked :) So, yeah, it's one of my favs, but mostly because I adore the characters.

#10 - Lessons in Love + Adventurers' Club by Suzanne Enoch

Ok, so I cheat here, counting 2 trilogies as one, but I adore both of these, they're just so much fun, and I couldn't choose which one to use, so I decided for both of them ;)

 I absolutely love books 1 & 3 of the Lessons in Love trilogy, and the 2nd one was really good, too, so yeah, one of my fav historical trilogies.

As for the Adventurers' Club, I absolutely loved books 1 & 2, and the last one was really good, too, so yeah, one of my favs, too. I definitely need to re-read both of these trilogies when I'll get the chance :)

What about you? 

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  1. Nice list. I would definitely have to look into 3 and 8 when I find the opportunity...

    1. I hope you will & you'll enjoy them :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I really want to read the Curse Workers soon, it looks like a great series. And I loved, loved the Darkest Powers trilogy, however, I hated the ending to it.
    Old follower
    my TTT

    1. The Curse Workers is great trilogy, I hope you'll read them soon & you'll enjoy them :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I´ve only read and loved the Darkest Powers trilogy.

    Here is My Top 10 Tuesday

  4. Well I've only read The Darkest Powers trilogy but Neal Shusterman's books are high on my list! :) My fave would be The Wolfs of Mercy Falls or Unearthly :) Great picks.

    1. I still need to finish the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy, I've read only the 1st book so far :) And I'm yet to start the Unearthly trilogy, although it's on my list :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I LOVED the John Cleaver trilogy! The Curse Worker books are also fantastic :)
    And Howl!! <3333 - of course
    Great list! Thanks for stopping by my TTT! :)

    1. Yay, they're all so awesome :) Thanks for stopping by, Cayce :)

  6. Will you believe me when I tell you I haven't read about any of these trilogies and I haven't heard about more than half of them. *bows heaq in shame*
    I love it how they sound though, I will be adding some of them to my tbr. :)
    Here's my my TTT.

    1. I actually do believe you. People don't know what they're missing hahahaha I especially recommend 1-6 & 8, they're amazing :)

      Thanks for stopping by!