Sep 30, 2011

My September R.A.K.!

Book Soulmates

This was the first time that I participated in Book Soulmates' Random Act of Kindness & I received my first R.A.K. book. 

The book I received was:

This book was sent to me by Carien a.k.a Sullivan McPig from Pearls Cast Before a McPig!

So, thank you so much for the book, Carien! 

I still haven't read it, I got it just a few days ago & I haven't really been reading (or blogging) these days, (I blame it on Pottermore, because they finally sent my welcome email & all my free time I've spent playing), but I'm planning to read it in October :) Can't wait!

I didn't send any books this time, but I'm planning to share the love in October :) If you have a book on your list that I've absolutely loved & it's one of my favorites, you might just be one of the lucky ;) I love gifting my favourite books!

Also, I'd like to thank Vanessa & Isalys @ Book Soulmates for hosting R.A.K.!

And once more, thank you so much, Carien!!!


  1. I hope you'll like it! I think it's a wonderful read.

  2. :)Rak is wonderful. Come visit me over at Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog. I just love the program as well. Old follower. Here's my RAK Summary:

    My RAK

  3. congrats on your first RAK =)

    My RAK