Mar 3, 2010

Leaf Through Books #6

Leaf Through Books is a daily event that's inspired by MizB's Friday Finds. This meme begins from Saturday through Thursdays (except Friday) & is being hosted by Avi at My Little Feats! Join the LTB Meme HERE
The Jaine Austen Mystery series by Laura Levine. 

Book 1: "This Pen for Hire": 
When savvy scribe Jaine Austen is hired by nerdy Howard Murdoch to pen a love letter to gorgeous aerobics instructor Stacy Lawrence, she gets caught up in a murder investigation when Stacy is found beaten to death and Howard is accused of the crime.
Book 2: "Last Writes":  
While writing for the sitcom "Muffy 'n Me," occasional sleuth Jaine Austen is immersed in a mystery when the show's leading man, womanizer Quinn Kirkland, is murdered and she is faced with a wealth of suspects. 
Book 3: "Killer Blonde":
Sassy freelance writer and sometime sleuth Jaine Austen, agrees to ghostwrite a book of hostess tips for SueEllen Kingsley, a Beverly Hills socialite. When the abusive, self-centered SueEllen gets electrocuted in her bathtub, Jaine must do what she can to exonerate the chief suspect in the murder, the victim's endearing, chubby teenage stepdaughter.
Book 4: Shoes to Die for
Book 5: The PMS Murder
Book 6: Death by Panty Hose
Book 7: Killing Bridezilla
Book 8: Killer Cruise
Book 9: Death of a Trophy Wife (April 2010)