Nov 10, 2014

Blog Ahead Challenge!

Blog Ahead is a challenge I really need to do, especially because I haven't been around my blog or the blogosphere as much as I should've been, so I've gotten behind on my reviews, so I need to catch up & get ahead.
The Goal


The basic goal is to get "ahead" in your blog posts.

At the end of the month of Nov you'll have 30 additional pre-schedules than when you started the month.
For more info & to join, visit the post HERE!
I'll do a mix of reviews & memes posts. I'll list them below as I schedule them.

My Posts List:
1. WoW #172 (Nov 12)
2. TTT (Nov 11)
3. The Last Temptation review (Nov 11)
4. What's Next? #34 (Nov 13)
5. WoW #173 (Nov 19)
6. WoW #174 (Nov 26)
7. TTT (Nov 18)
8. TTT (Nov 25)
9. Delightful Launch Day Blitz: Excerpt & Giveaway (Nov 25)
10. Half-Off Ragnarok review (Nov 27)
So, yes, I failed totally at this challenge, but better 20 than none ;)


  1. Thanks for joining in this week! I hope it helps you get caught up! I'm working on reviews too. Amazing how behind you can get on those. Whew!